We’re just as obsessed with HGTV as you are but that doesn’t mean we claim ourselves to take on the job which is perfectly suited for a handyman. A handyman is a competent individual who can handle all the repair and maintenance work from plumbing to drywall repair—A modern day “renaissance man” of sorts. However, we can assure you that we are experts at directing you to the best and affordable handyman services in your region.

You see, you don’t want to just hire any average Joe with a power drill. When performing research on what claim to be the best handyman websites, there are a few things to be aware of. Read on to find out about what to look for and what not to when hiring a handyman.


Projects best suited for handymen


When it comes to handymen, they can take on most jobs like assembling furniture, general home repairs or even painting interior walls but there are some tasks that they are most known for.


Plumbing installation and repair


Plumbing is a very common service requested by homeowners to be handled by a handyman. Whether it’s clogging toilets or mismanaged pipes, a handyman can fix this with ease.


Drywall installation and repair


To get your drywall patched, you don’t need to employ a complete team of contractors. Although it could seem like difficult work, it is one of the most often requested handyman services in the United States due to homeowners’ desire to enhance their homes and even repair water damage to insulation. A handyman can hang drywall, correct vermin damage, and stop cracks from settling.


Fixture removal and replacement


A handyman can remove any fixture, including cabinetry, lighting fixtures, and kitchen faucets, and replace it with a brand-new one. They are perfect for the job because it doesn’t call for a license—just some incredible experience.


Installing tile


Surprisingly, you can install tile without hiring a flooring contractor. A handyman understands exactly how to carry out the task through flawless measurement of the floor area, meticulously putting down tiles, cutting them to prevent incorrect layouts, and even waterproofing. Laying down a tile demands more experience than a fancy job title. Although it’s a challenging job, a skilled handyman has the equipment and skills to complete it.


An overall list of services provided by handymen include:


  • Plumbing
  • Drywall repair
  • Repairing gutters
  • Repair and replacement of fixture
  • Painting
  • Patchwork
  • Deck work
  • Tile installation
  • Power washing


Avoid these mistakes when hiring a handyman

A poor handyman choice may wind up costing you more in the long haul if the job is completed improperly by a rookie. Even though the job could be straightforward, it is simple to punch a hole in a pipe or install drywall improperly. Beware of companies with a dearth of ratings on business provider websites to avoid these issues and save money on additional repairs. They should have proper set up and enough information about them that can provide you insight on their past work. To learn more about how they will complete the assignment, you should also meet with them in person. Better safe than sorry is a maxim when it comes to hiring a handyman.


Qualities of a superb handyman

So now that we’ve told you what to avoid when hiring a handyman, what makes a great handyman?

Here are some characteristics that might help you choose which handymen are knowledgeable and reliable enough to give you quality service:

Qualities of a superb handyman

  • Positive internet reviews on platforms for business providers
  • Years of expertise in the service industry they are operating
  • A functional website that provides information about the services they offer
  • Written agreements that outline the work’s specifications and expenses
  • They engage in professional communication and responsiveness
  • A guarantee for all labor and a clear knowledge of your goals
  • On time to all meetings
  • Offer warranties and are knowledgeable about permits and regulations in your state


Pro tip: Insurance


  • A good handyman will also have general liability insurance or at least some form of guarantee regarding finance coverage for property damage, personal injury, or advertising injury. You should be able to cover any claims through their policy that allows service professionals to cover costs on accidents. Make sure to ask for proof i.e. a certificate of insurance to make sure that your handyman is covered.


Where to find a handyman


You might be wondering, how and where exactly do you find a handyman?


You can find a handyman by searching for “best handyman services near me” and get a list of professionals provided by business provider websites. However you shouldn’t just pull straws when it comes to choosing a handyman. As previously indicated, carefully examine these business provider websites for genuine reviews and any complaints filed against their company. Pick a company with a lot of satisfied clients and at least a 4 or 5 star rating. After that, you can contact them and they will either come to the location to provide a free quotation or you can explain the situation to them so they can provide you with a precise action plan for how they will address the issue.




It is advantageous to hire a handyman since they will offer you a satisfying experience that is completed effectively and quickly. A handyman is very skilled at doing a wide range of activities and repairs. This indicates that a handyman you hire will be able to do the task far more quickly and effectively then you could ever. We recommend that if you are facing any problem with your fixtures, plumbing, drywall, etc. you contact a handyman near you right away so you don’t let the damage settle and create a bigger need for repair than there already is. Hire a Handyman today and get your outdated fixtures replaced!




What do handymen charge for the hour?


The typical price to hire a handyman is anywhere between $50-$100 per hour. But remember this also depends on their specialty, the scope of the job, and their own experience. Remember you pay for what you get so never cheap out when hiring a handyman because low prices can be telling of a lack of insurance and proper tools to carry out the task.


What do I tip a handyman?


In the United States handymen are typically tipped the equivalent of 10% to 15% for one day ‘s pay. Most people also just give a handyman a $20 bill. Remember it is always manner able to pay your handyman because they will provide you an even better service for next time.


How do I bill a handyman?


A handyman typically will send you an invoice that contains the inventory of all tasks completed with a list for costs on any material, tools, and taxes. There will be a payment due date and you will be required to pay a late fee if you do not posit the cash on time.


What are the basic skills of a handyman?


A handyman is able to conduct electrical work, carpentry, plumbing, and even repair and install new appliances. They have gained experience through apprenticeship and by enrolling in training courses.

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