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Furniture Assembly: Such as IKEA items, beds, tables, and desks.



We know there’s nothing worse than scheduling an appointment with a furniture assembly service, staying home from work to let them into your home, only for them to not show up. When you book Paul Franc Handyman Services, there’s no ambiguity. Paul Franc Handyman Services will work to ensure that professionals will be at your home at the time you agree upon.

No matter what type of furniture assembly you need help with, Paul Franc Handyman Services has you covered. Whether you’ve just purchased a new desk for your bedroom, a bookshelf for your living room, a sofa or couch, a new kitchen table, chairs, stools, or more, our professional will be able to handle your job.

Local Handyman You Can Trust

We Will Be There To Help You In Whatever Way You Need

Let’s be honest, you were never going to read that furniture assembly manual. No matter how the instructions are laid out, furniture assembly is not necessarily a user-friendly task but for Paul Franc Handyman Services, it’s a specialty! We frequently assemble beds, bunk beds, dressers, desks, couches, tables, chairs, and wardrobes–you name it.

As official furniture assembly partners with IKEA, Paul Franc Handyman Services are familiar with popular furniture collections. You can fill your space with exactly what you want, no matter how complex the furniture is. Paul Franc Handyman Services bring their tools so that they can help you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Hire The Best Home Furniture Assembly Services

Without furniture, a house doesn’t look like a home. When renovating your home or just redecorating your bedroom or living room, you want to install the best home furniture assembly in your comfortable vicinity. In order to do this, you need to hire the top furniture assembly company to come to your place and transform the wooden pieces into a lovely dresser or bed structure.

Paul Franc Handyman Services can help you out with any kind of furniture assembly you want. Our professionals have over 25 years of experience assembling bed frames, cabinets, and more. They reach your place at the pre-decided time and don’t let you wait for more. We successfully satisfy our customers in Oxnard CA, Ventura CA, Camarillo CA, Thousand Oaks CA, and Port Hueneme CA.


Everyone knows that some assembly required usually means lots of assemblies. Paul Franc Handyman Services gets your furniture and equipment out of the box and into your home or yard, so you don’t have to agonize over confusing instructions. Directions for assembling a new piece of furniture can be confusing and the assemblies themselves can be involved and time-consuming. Paul Franc Handyman Services professionals handle assembly needs right away.