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Paul Franc is the TV mounting handyman professional that can take down and mount any and all flat screen TV’s.



With years of experience offering TV Mounting Handyman services, our team of professionals offers top-rated entertainment center installation services in your city. We’ll upgrade the design of your living room and take your watching experience to another level.

No matter the size of your TV screen, TV Mount, or type of your wall, we’ve got you covered. In addition to our television installation services, you can enjoy extra services such as home cinema installation, sound bar mounting, wire management, cord concealment, and a wide range of TV Mounting accessories such as wall TV mounts and under TV shelves. When it comes to TV Installation and the great job we are exactly the ones you are looking for!

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A television mount provides the ideal way to install your TV. Enjoy watching your favorite shows at the perfect viewing angle and refresh your home with a more modern look. Installing your TV on a wall-mounted bracket also keeps it out of the path of kids and pets and could free up floor space you might have reserved for a TV stand. Read our Comprehensive Guide here. 

When you hire a pro to install your TV mount, you can skip ahead to the popcorn. An experienced pro will have the know-how and equipment to install your television mount quickly and properly so you can be ready for movie night.

Get the Best TV Wall Mounting Installation Services

When you have bought a new smart TV, you will need TV mounting installation services. The secure TV mounting is necessary to avoid any kind of injury or TV damage. An ideally mounted TV ensures you can watch your favorite TV show at the perfect angle and your home looks modern and appealing. Mounting your TV on the wall keeps it safe from kids’ or pets’ activities. Hiring a professional can provide the best television installation services.

Paul Franc Handyman Services has well-trained and experienced individuals who are specialized in providing professional wall-mounting installation services. Our team can work on mounting surfaces such as concrete, wood, drywall, plasters or bricks, etc. In addition to the television installation services, we are specialized in sound bar mounting, cinema installation, wire management, cord concealment, installation of under TV shelves, etc. We are committed to complete customer satisfaction and keep striving to improve our services. We are fortunate to provide high-quality services in Ventura and Oxnard to Thousand Oaks and Simi Valley or Westlake Village and Calabasas to West Hollywood and Beverly Hills. 


We have what it takes to make your television installation safe and quick. Our TV installation services are carried out with great professionalism by our highly-trained technicians, characterized by punctuality and responsibility in each of our provided TV mountings & demounting and remounting services. We feel proud to render our service and make each of our clients satisfied with their television mounting process.